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February 15, 2011

Brussels Tape Run by ten Brussels based artists
2x20minutes, white chrome cassette, brand Maxell
price 6,50 euro
Cover: a colour photo copy of a collage from paper material found in the streets of Brussels. Different covers exist for this edition.

Side a
Tzii  – Something
Ripit – 8 Brick Wall
Aymeric de Tapol – Schaarbeek double speed
.T. – So, peace on earth
Patate – Elle est petite
Side b
Handjob – Bad Taste
Totenfest – Toten California
Protocole – Untitled
Final Cut – Brussels National Airport
Cham – Dominical

The City of Brussels holds a paradox. A capital of a nation where political forces do everything to divide the nation for ever, it is also the legislative center of the European Union, whose political forces aim at unionizing for ever. On street level one notices that new glossy enterprises and buildings rise all around town, but at the same time the traditional bars and restaurants, even the small surviving shops regard their identity with pride. On the very edge of this reality a flood of immigrants populate the streets, many languages are heard. The metallic choruses from construction sites echo in every neighbourhood. Sirens are always heard. The city has a sometimes raw dynamic, but can surprise with intimate moments.
The Brussels Tape Run reflects this multiple character. In a way it portrays a moment in time in the life of ten different artists. The compositions are brusque, cinematographic, scraped, dashing, threatening, mysterious, but most of all very alive.
I gave the empty tape to Tzii at the train station Brussels Nord. Little did he know that the Brussels Tape Run also became a bit of Tzii’s tape run. But alas, those are the things we do for art. A little story is also the result of this/his run. Patate, an artist originally from Bordeaux, found two young Japanese men at her door. They hardly spoke English, nor any French or Flemish. The two Japanese wanted to talk about the life and times of Jesus Christ to her. They were Jehovah’s witnesses. Patate invited them into her apartment. She recorded the whole visit, during which a dictionary played an important part. Extracts of these recordings along with a sweet melody are to be heard on her “Elle est petite.” The composition has very big earworm qualities.

Brussels Tape Run is best to be listened to over and over again. It is like walking around town and discovering new views at every corner.

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